AM CSS install, maintain and support CCTV systems from leading manufacturers, with night vision, motion detection, motion tracking and CCTV Analytics. Real-time viewing is available with remote access from smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs.

Motion detection can be set at varying degrees of sensitivity and some systems allow for customisation of which areas of the view will cause an alert if motion is detected. This is to eliminate false alarms from waving trees and bushes, aircraft and vehicles on adjacent roads, for example.

Motion tracking an object that comes into line of site uses an Auto Tracking PTZ ( Pan Tilt Zoom) camera. Once a moving object is detected, the camera will automatically track it.


CCTV Analytics enables the customization of criteria that generates an alert. For example, draw a line on the camera view and set the criteria to take a snapshot, start recording and send an alert if an object crosses the line. Additional, complex criteria are available, such as adding to the above if an object stays for an amount of time once passed the line, or which direction it came from.

As CCTV typically allows for remote access, AM CSS segregate the data traffic on your network from the CCTV data using virtual networking protocols (vLANs). These prevent access from the CCTV system in to the data network.

CCTV systems typically have a Network Video Recorder (NVR) on premises to record and hold the images captured by the cameras. However, to ensure that recordings can’t be tampered with, NVRs can also be Cloud-based or replicated to another system off site.


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