On-Line Backup / Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

AM CSS use industry-leading backup and inter-site replication solutions to ensure customer data is secure in the event of a disastrous event at a site.

Starting with plain data backup, our solutions scale right up to full server image backup or replication that can be brought on-line very quickly in the event the site infrastructure is unavailable. This includes the ability to bring servers on-line in the cloud without needing to download or restore them on to local hardware.

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Our Backup Packages:

Basic backup packages include unlimited data and up to 20 devices, excluding servers, from as little as £ 15 per month all-inclusive (not per device). Server unlimited data backup starts at £ 15 per month per server.

Full disaster recovery packages are tiered based on the amount of data to be backed up and the versioning/backup history to be maintained. Compression at the data centre helps reduces the amount of data included in the calculated billing:

Up to 1TB data and versioning: £ 0.135 per GB per month

1TB to 2.5TB data and versioning: £ 0.11 per GB per month

Over 2.5TB data and versioning: £ 0.09 per GB per month

(All prices exclude VAT.)


Server Replication

AM CSS can replicate servers to other sites or to the Cloud. In the event that the Customer’s usual premises is unavailable, connections can be switched to the replication server with minimal downtime.

These are tailored Business Continuity solutions, so standardised pricing is not available – please submit an enquiry and we’ll be happy to call you to discuss your requirements.


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