We help you sleep at night by actively monitoring and managing your IT assets. We use network management and remote monitoring software on all devices covered by our management plans. This feeds in to our dashboard and help desk so we can actively overseeing the health and security of your system, receive pre-emptive alerts regarding potential issues and react to any incidents in real-time. We can push down software installations, updates and patches without having to interrupt your users’ work day. Our model also includes management of roaming devices, including mobiles, with the ability to lock or wipe devices remotely, track their location and send out alerts.

Alongside our standard configuration templates, we can tailor profiles for individual or groups of devices or types of device to suit your particular business operations model. A very brief outline of the main RMM functions are listed below; the full scale and depth of the system is beyond the scope of this summary and new features are being added monthly.


logging and alerting for the following:

  • Performance – Free Disk space, Memory, Processor and Network usage
  • Health – disk read/write errors and temperature
  • Security – Windows updates and patches, antivirus and antimalware status, user login/logoff, failed log in attempts, use of admin rights, admin account logins, changes to admin membership, status of backup jobs, internet traffic, use of unauthorised software, changes to controlled data and USB plug-in/removal and a whole lot more!


based on schedules, time-expired or manually pushed out to end points:

  • Regular clean-up of disk space to remove temporary files, downloads and old update and patch files
  • Regular defragmentation of disk drives
  • Software updates and patches, uninstallation of software, removal of older versions (especially Java) left behind after updates
  • Re-boot prompting and scheduled reboots
  • Filtering internet traffic by web site category and comparison with dynamic lists of known unsafe sites, blacklist and whitelist
  • Warranty status of devices, service subscriptions and security certificate renewal dates

Remote Management

both attended (screen sharing) and unattended (for servers, etc.):

  • Remote screen share and device control software to allow us to interact with end point users to resolve any issues and also help with any “how do I do such-and-such” queries
  • Remote control functions for roaming devices if suspicious activity alerted, or device lost or stolen
  • Deployment of new devices based on pre-configured, pre-agreed profiles and templates including pre-configured email accounts, Wi-Fi connections, permitted and blocked apps and enabled or disabled functions (for example: allow/deny USB plug-in, ensure GPS always on)
  • Pushing out revisions or updates to the profiles
  • Extensive (500+) and growing library of customised scripts to collect diagnostic information or make configuration changes to specific end points or groups of end points

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